Services Offered

We offer a variety of services related to antique arms and armor. This can extend to some other antiques but is judged on a case basis.

Please use our Contact Us page if you're interested in any of the below services.


Preservation of your antique involves stopping any active damage, stabilizing all the materials involved, and putting a preserving coating on to stop damage from occurring in the future.

This process is the least invasive method of keeping your antique around.


Restoration is a bit more intensive. This involves removing much of the patination from your antique, doing our best to restore it to what it looked like when new. In some cases this process cannot be done based on how far a piece has degraded. This may also remove value from your piece.

We are happy to discuss restoration processes available, but often attempt to dissuade from this as it does remove quite a bit of the history.


We will identify and certify to the best of our extensive knowledge, your item. This involves looking at markings, patina, machine markings, etc to determine age and authenticity.

Our expert has over 20 years of experience in this and you can rest assured in our documentation.

Arms Mastery

If you're looking for an Arms Master for your upcoming production, we are happy to source weapons as well as provide on-set mastery in terms of training, safety, and continuity.

We also consult on other services related to weapons use, bringing years of trainings in firearms, swords, and other martial weapons.